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How Would An Online Auction Offer Work?

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We specialize in selling real estate with auction offers!  Billions of dollars in real estate are sold every year using this 100% transparent method. This is a different way of marketing that brings excitement, competition, higher sales prices, and lower fees to the seller! Best of all, it ONLY takes 14 days.

Step By Step:

  1. Schedule a Consultation to review your home and discuss the option to confirm this is the right process for you.

  2. We will sell your home AS-IS or with consideration of credits only. Your choice.

  3. If it is right for you we will sign the contract and schedule professional photos.

  4. We will list your home on our Online Auction Service site and start the 14-day bidding process.

  5. We will have 1 scheduled agent walk-through day.

  6. We will have a 2-3 day open house for 3-5 hours to bring as many bids as possible.

  7. We will review the results of the bidding with you on the 15th day.

  8. Once excepted, title will open and the Property Review Period will take 7-10 days.

  9. Appraisal will be ordered if needed for lending.

  10. We will close the sale with the buyer within 14 - 31 days, per the contract date agreed on.

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Brand New Kitchen


Is your home is a move-in-ready Home?? Great, there are 100's of buyers looking for move-in-ready homes so they can have an easy transition into a new home.


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Needs Some Work

Is your home a fixer-upper??  No Problem!  We work with a large group of investors and buyers that love to buy homes that need some work. 


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