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Getting Ready For Retirement

Updated: May 25, 2021

How to get ready for retirement and what to consider.

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For most people, #retirement feels like it's a long way off. But, if you don’t start preparing as early as possible, you may find yourself in a place of #financial insecurity when the time does come.

To avoid this, consider implementing the following tips.

  • Calculate your target #savings. In general, it’s recommended that you save between 10 to 15 percent of your income for retirement. However, you can always use an online #savings_calculator to determine the amount you need to save for your specific needs and goals.

  • Contribute to your employer’s retirement savings plan. Does your job offer a 401(k), traditional #IRA, or #Roth_IRA? Sign up and start saving as soon as they allow you to. It’s recommended to set up automatic paycheck deductions and, once the #money is in your retirement fund, don’t touch it.

  • Take advantage of #employee benefits. Many employers offer matching which generally requires you contribute a certain percentage of each paycheck and your company will then contribute a matching amount with funds of their own. They might also offer #health_savings or flexible savings account. By contributing to these accounts, you reduce your amount of #taxable_income, allowing you to save more money.

  • Pay off your debts. Start by paying off any high-interest #credit card debt first. Then look at other debts, such as student loans and #carpayments, and make a plan for #paying those off incrementally.

  • Reduce daily spending. Although this feels like a no-brainer, spending your money #thoughtfully now can make a big impact later. Seek out areas of your life where you can.

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