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How to Tell Whether You Can DIY a Plumbing Project

By: Brittany Fisher of

Plumbing jobs can often seem daunting to non-professionals. And it’s true that there are some fixes better left to an expert. But how can you tell whether it’s possible to DIY a plumbing issue or not? Here are a few tips to help you figure things out.

Do You Have the Right Tools on Hand?

For jobs that you can manage alone, having the right tools is still essential. So, think about what you might need and stock up accordingly.

Can You Tackle Jobs with Step-by-Step Instructions?

Some plumbing tasks are simple enough for anyone to handle. With step-by-step guidance, here’s what you can safely and confidently do yourself.

Know What Could Go Wrong

It can be tough to determine which plumbing issues may be messing up your pipes. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe — and know when to call a pro.

Having the right tools on hand to finish a plumbing job can instill confidence. However, lacking the know-how to safely handle factors like electrical connections, permits, and even pests can turn your DIY into a mess in a snap. Knowing when to call a pro is a good first step, and in some cases, it might be the only correct one.

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